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The Touché

(pronounced 2 shay)

The same great air flow as the Four Play for just front/back setups.

You're only gonna need 3 fittings with this unit to have a working system.

Easy installation. 3/8" NPT connection for all working ports.

1/8" NPT for gauges

Internal openings will handle the flow of 1/2" air lines. 

Move the handle up or down a little for slow

Move the handle up or down all the way for fast

Very reliable. All anodized aluminum billet.

Valve ports are Teflon impregnated hard anodize.

Improves durabilty and smoother operation than previous Touche model.

Brass valve spools, Nickel plated springs.

Standard o-rings. Rebuildable.

Manufactured on state of the art CNC machines to maintain quality

 Handles 180 psi. 6 month warranty.

*****Notice**** International shipping is an additional charge that will be sent to you by email. Currently COVID has prevented US postal service shipping to make it through customs. The cost for shipping by DHL is approximately $150 US.